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Persimmon Tree, an online magazine, is a showcase for the creativity and talent of women over sixty. Too often older women’s artistic work is ignored or disregarded, and only those few who are already established receive the attention they deserve. Yet many women are at the height of their creative abilities in their later decades and have a great deal to contribute. Persimmon Tree is committed to bringing this wealth of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art to a broader audience, for the benefit of all.

Sue Leonard retired in 2004 from teaching history and politics at an independent girls’ school. She is the current editor of Persimmon Tree.

Nan Gefen founded Persimmon Tree in 2007 and is its current publisher. She has published two nonfiction books, and her novel, Clear Lake, recently won the gold medal in general fiction in the IndieFab contest.

Kitty Cunningham retired in 2000 from her position as Head Librarian from the same independent girls’ school at which Sue worked. She is the author of Conversations with a Dancer with Michael Ballard (St. Martin’s Press, 1981).

Natalie Levy describes her life in reverse: artist, legal recruiter, lawyer, mother, student, little kid.

Elizabeth Zimmer writes about the arts, mostly dance, and teaches writing all over the place, most recently at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA.

Jean Zorn teaches property law, and is Interim Director of Administrative Services, Title IX Coordinator and Chief Diversity Officer at CUNY School of Law.

Gena Raps is a concert pianist whose new recording of the late piano works of Brahms was released last year to stunning reviews in Audiophile and in Fanfare. She is on the faculty of the Mannes College of Music in Manhattan.

Wendy Barker has published five collections of poetry and three chapbooks, most recently, Nothing Between Us, a novel in prose poems. She is Poet-in-Residence and the Pearl LeWinn Endowed Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Marcia Freedman is a member of the founding Editorial Board of Persimmon Tree. She has published a political memoir, Exile in the Promised Land, an account of the establishment of second-wave feminism in Israel and her experience as a Member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament).


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We acknowledge with gratitude the help and support of our many friends—and we remember our dear friend, Esther Broner, who inspired us as we created the magazine and whose spirit continues to inspire.


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