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Blind Shady Bend

By Adina Sara

A rural road in the Sierra Foothills of California sets the stage for Blind Shady Bend, a novel in which Hannah Blackwell, approaching her 70th birthday, inherits a decrepit piece of country property. Widowed young, and caretaker to her parents until their deaths, her uneventful life suddenly takes a sharp turn when she receives this surprising bequest from a renegade brother who had disappeared from her life decades earlier.

While reason tells Hannah to get rid of the place, her curiosity keeps pushing her further into exploring her brother’s abandoned parcel. As she searches for clues of his checkered past, she inadvertently stumbles into an unexpected future.

Blind Shady Bend tells the story of ordinary people whose lives can change radically and passionately, no matter how stuck they may feel, no matter their age.

Utterly engaging, at times mesmerizing, addictive and magical.

—Jennifer Word, Goodreads reviewer

It is wonderful to have a ‘mature’ woman as the heroine of a contemporary novel….Her voice is as inspiring as her story.

—Jane Stallman, Berkeley Book Club

Deftly crafted from beginning to end, Blind Shady Bend is a rewarding and thoroughly entertaining read.

Midwest Book Review

Bay Area author Adina Sara has published two essay collections, and is currently completing a family memoir.

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