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Finding Tate

By Ann Anthony

Award-winning Tween Novel

In this heartwarming middle-grade novel, summer is here, and Taylor and her best friend, Carey, have planned “makeover” missions. Each girl has chosen one thing in her life she wants, no needs, to change before seventh grade begins in their new junior high. Taylor wants to change her name, a relic from an ancient relative revered by her father.

But when Taylor’s long-lost Aunt Julie appears out of the blue with her 15-year-old daughter, Tate, everything changes. Taylor suddenly has more missions and lots of questions. Who is this quirky Tate? Why did Aunt Julie really leave, and why has she returned? And why won’t her parents let her shape her own destiny?

With a little help from her grandfather, a key moral compass in her life, and his reminder to “treasure the trees,” Taylor finds some answers. Friendships and family ties are stretched, but connection and courage save the day for everyone. By the end of the summer, Taylor has discovered much more than a new cousin.

This first novel has won an Indie book award and applause from parents, teachers, and ‘tween’ readers. Readers follow Taylor and Carey through a summer of expanding family relationships, building self-confidence, and navigating the ups and downs of friendship.

Ann Anthony writes fiction and non-fiction and teaches college-level writing. She loves to help students of all ages become happy readers and writers.

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