<!-- Phyllis Babrove: When Shadows Linger -->

When Shadows Linger

By Phyllis Babrove

Maggie Sinclair, a 31-year-old psychotherapist, becomes widowed when her husband Jason tragically dies in a car accident following a winter storm. With memories of the past preventing her from moving on, Maggie decides to leave her native Wisconsin and relocate to Vermont. It is there that she meets Dr. Ben Grayson, a psychologist with a practice in Maggie’s office building. As she finds herself falling in love with Ben, she continuously seeks approval from Jason so she can find happiness.

The reader accompanies Maggie on her emotional journey as Jason appears to her in various forms, such as a shadow, a soft touch on her face and finally in person. When Maggie visits Jason’s grave in Wisconsin, the reader shares her grief in a heart-wrenching scene in which she talks to Jason. As a therapist, Maggie is able to work through her grief while helping clients deal with their losses.

Maggie’s story is one of love, loss, and the resolution of grief; it is one that everyone can relate to at some point in life, whether the loss is due to death, divorce, abuse, or abandonment.

Phyllis Babrove is a semi-retired clinical social worker in Florida. She has written several articles for a social work magazine and a university newsletter. “My Joe: A Reflection,” is a short story that appears in the June 2017 issue of Edify Fiction Magazine.

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The Moon Is Almost Full

By Chana Bloch

“Under siege, I am still a kingdom,” writes Chana Bloch in this signal, singing, singeing collection of poems. Each page verifies the beauty and scope and surge of a life both extraordinary and daily, embraced not in spite of our mortality, but because of it.

—Jane Hirshfield, The Beauty


Chana Bloch insists on life. Inviting us to the view from mortality’s edge, taking us to “the intersection of self and door,” she can experience “a joy so acute it startles me” even in the cancer ward. For all of us who have “looked down a well so deep / you couldn’t see bottom,” she teaches us to look around:
A sparrow lands on a springy stalk,
rides it fluently to the ground.
The deer come up close and present their ears.

—Alicia Ostriker, Waiting for the Light


These poems, fashioned with compact power and formal elegance, are a luminous demonstration of how poetry can be the vehicle for both confronting our darkest fears and yet continuing to affirm the preciousness of life. The Moon Is Almost Full is the crowning achievement of Chana Bloch’s distinguished career as a poet.

—Robert Alter, The Book of Psalms: A New Translation and Commentary


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<!-- Nan Fink Gefen and Sandra Butler: It Never Ends -->

It Never Ends

Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters

By Sandra Butler and Nan Fink Gefen

It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters explores the complex challenges and unexpected rewards of aging mothers in their relationships with their midlife daughters. Based on interviews with women between 65 and 85, it illuminates issues of closeness, distance, longing, and need that arise. Mothers speak openly about the ongoing effects of the past on the present, the cultural, familial, and interpersonal conflicts that remain, and the varied and often invisible ways they continue mothering.

A rich, thoughtful, multi-layered look into the ways that mothers experience their relationships variously with love, joy, fulfillment, sorrow, anguish and longing…

—Paula J. Caplan, Don’t Blame Mother: Mending the Mother-Daughter Relationship

A brave book, and one that will help many aging mothers feel less alone…

—Ellen Bass, Like a Beggar, coauthor of The Courage To Heal


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<!-- Patty Dann: The Butterfly Hours -->

The Butterfly Hours

Transforming Memories Into Memoir

By Patty Dann

The Butterfly Hours

Patty Dann is the author of three novels: Starfish, Mermaids, and Sweet & Crazy. She has also published two memoirs, The Goldfish Went on Vacation: A Memoir of Loss (and Learning to Tell the Truth about It) and The Baby Boat: A Memoir of Adoption. Her work has been translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Mermaids was made into a movie starring Cher, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci.

Her articles have appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Christian Science Monitor, O, the Oprah Magazine, the Oregon Quarterly; Redbook, More, ForbesWoman; Poets & Writers Magazine, Writer’s Handbook, Dirt: Quirks, Habits; and Passions of Keeping House, and This I Believe: On Motherhood.

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<!-- Virginia Moffat Khuri: Hiroshima, Remembering 1945 & 1958-->

Hiroshima, Remembering 1945 & 1958

By Virginia Moffat Khuri

The book tells two parallel stories. The first, on the morning of August 6, 1945 the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. The second, on the morning of August 6, 1958 an American teenager spoke from the Children’s Memorial in the Peace Park to the people of Hiroshima and the youth of Japan – and the world. These two ‘stories’ mirror each other on opposite pages: one words of survivors, witnesses in 1945; the other an image from 1958. The first story is one of horror; the second, one of hope for peace on earth.

The images are from transparencies that were made by an exchange student to Hiroshima in 1958, a 16-year-old with no photographic experience using a borrowed 35mm camera lacking a light meter, auto-focus and film that had to be loaded into cartridges before leaving home. They were badly stored in an attic for 50 years and were so damaged that they were almost thrown away. But the light leaks and emulsion cracks might be reminiscent of the atomic bombing thirteen years earlier and the dust could also be seen as the Black Rain that caused radiation sickness. Even the mundane street scenes caught on a bright sunny morning in 1958 mirror August 6, 1945.

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<!-- Jane Lazarre: The Communist and the Communist's Daughter -->

The Communist and the Communist’s Daughter: A Memoir

by Jane Lazarre

In these beautifully written pages, Lazarre invites readers to join her on a difficult journey through memory, history, family and self-discovery. This daughter’s story of her father yields insight into our own, never-ending quest for love, justice and understanding.

—Farah Jasmine Griffin,
Harlem Nocturne: Women Artists and Progressive Politics during World War II

Born in 1902 amid the pogroms of eastern Europe, Lazarre dedicated his life to working for economic equality, racial justice, workers’ rights, while raising his daughters as a single father. Weaving memory with documentary materials – such as his massive FBI file, his testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee – Lazarre tells her father’s fascinating history through periods of heroism and despair, as a Communist, a Jewish immigrant, a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War, a father, and grandfather. This is also the story of the daughter as she grew, married an African American civil rights activist, and became a mother and a writer.

Jane Lazarre is the author of the memoirs Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness: Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons; Wet Earth and Dreams: A Narrative of Grief and Recovery and The Mother Knot, all published by Duke University Press; and the novels, Inheritance, and Some Place Quite Unknown. She directed the undergraduate writing program at Eugene Lang College at the New School for many years, and taught creative writing and literature there as well as at the City College of New York and Yale University.

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<!-- Christine McDonald - My Two Mothers -->

My Two Mothers

A Collection of Poetry and Prose

By Christine McDonald

Life begins with our mother and ends with the return of our body to the mother earth. In My Two Mothers, Christine McDonald captures the essence of her life as she takes us on a tender, healing journey back to the love and acceptance that is our birthright.

To enhance the message in each chapter, the book is illustrated with a collection of colorful collages and personal photographs.

Christine McDonald writes so evocatively about her intimate connection with the natural world, that she is almost an extension of it.
—Ana Ramana, author of Girl on Fire and Hymns to the Beloved:Poems

Child Wild
Time to push, stretch
let myself go
to the wild side of me.
Stepping to the left and then the right
a rhythm finds it’s way
under my skin.
The eyes follow my toes to the floor
hunting for earth harmony.
The ankles bend and sway
and start a movement up my legs
to the booty of my spine.
Now there is no stopping
the flow of e-motion
of that wild animal in me.
The vibration of something
older than this body
comes alive.
Dancing to the rhythm of a primal heart
this child of the universe wakes up.
“Child Wild” she screams
from the depth of her toes to a cosmic sky.
Follow me
If you dare.


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<!-- Rashani Rea - Touched by Grace -->

Touched by Grace

Through a Temenos of Women

By Rashani Réa

Touched by Grace is a collection of Rashani Réa’s early, hand-lettered collages, with word-pearls from 52 ancient and contemporary women.

Touched by Grace is to my mind, a thoroughly enchanting book—I mean that quite literally, because from the very first pages, when the author shares the remarkable story of her own life, I felt myself being drawn into a sacred precinct—in Rashani’s own word, a temenos—alive with the spirit of grace-filled women. A lovely companion of a book…

—Carol Lee Flinders, Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics

I’ve been waiting for Rashani’s new book for a long time. I didn’t know it consciously, but I had long appreciated her collage cards with quotations by women. Now it is a great joy to finally have a book, spanning eighteen years of her life, featuring wise words of women, many of whom Rashani has known and loved!

—Dorothy May Emerson, Unitarian Universalist minister, co-creator Becoming Women of Wisdom: Marking the Passage into the Crone Years

Words from artists and priestesses, mothers, nuns, activists, and everything in between. Holy words whispered in the darkness. Words exclaimed from microphones. Words sung to the Earth in sorrow and exultation. Words that inspire us to rise, to do, to be, to embrace and embody our own creative potential, just as Rashani allowed them to inspire her to craft this collection of beautiful, honoring collages.

—Niema Lightseed, author of Cosmonautica: Broken-Open Heartsongs

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<!-- Mary Kay Rummel - Cypher Garden -->

Cypher Garden

By Mary Kay Rummel

Czeslaw Milosz said in his Ars Poetica that the purpose of poetry is to remind us how difficult it is to remain just one person, for our house is open, there are no keys in the doors, and invisible guests come in and out at will. Mary Kay welcomes these guests and they speak of the land, of animals and saints, of nuns and convents, of marriage, children and travels to Ireland, Scotland, France and so much more. No matter the subject, these poems are illuminations.

Stanley Kunitz said, “Mary Kay’s poems have and sustain an oracular voice,” and so they do, sometimes prophetic and always lustrous and generous to the reader’s psyche.

—Lois Jones, Night Ladder

In a voice both elemental and ancient, Mary Kay Rummel’s artful lines of Cypher Garden explore the discovery of self and others. These rich, dense poems meander among nature and faith, current events and travel, personal history and poetry, balancing between observation and invention. Wise and honest, brushed with bold colors, Rummel converses, in language saturated with vision… . A spectacular collection to read again and again. And again.

—KB Ballentine, The Perfume of Leaving

Mary Kay Rummel was the first Poet Laureate of Ventura County, CA. Cypher Garden is her eighth published poetry book, her seventh collection. The Lifeline Trembles was winner of the 2014 Blue Light Press Award. This Body She’s Entered, her first book, won the Minnesota Voices Award for poetry and was published by New Rivers Press. Love in the End was published as a finalist for the Bright Hill Press Award. A professor emerita from the University of Minnesota, she is a lecturer at California State University, Channel Islands.

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<!-- Ani Tuzman: The Tremble of Love -->

The Tremble of Love
A Novel of the Baal Shem Tov

By Ani Tuzman

A novel inspired by the legendary spiritual master, Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezar, known as the Baal Shem Tov, the Good Master of the Name, who beckoned forth love from the hearts of rag pickers, ruby merchants, midwives, and murderers. 

Poor orphan.  Simpleton.   Harder to tame than the wind.  He hears what they call him.  But he listens to the presence his father promised would never leave him.

Yisroel finds his way to those who nurture his healing gifts and rare compassion—-until he embraces a destiny he cannot yet fathom nor deny any longer.

Honoring women, children, and the poor as his teachers.  Celebrating life’s simplest deeds as worship.  Praying with joyous abandon.  Loving without condition.  Yisroel’s “irreverent” practices threaten the established authorities, among them an embittered rabbinic leader with a mission of his own: to destroy the irrepressible master known as the Baal Shem Tov and his growing community of followers.

Set in the richly textured Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 1700s, this exquisite reimagining of one of history’s most revered and revolutionary mystics transports readers back in time to experience the true meaning of power and the timeless grace of love.

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