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Finding Tate

By Ann Anthony

Award-winning Tween Novel

In this heartwarming middle-grade novel, summer is here, and Taylor and her best friend, Carey, have planned “makeover” missions. Each girl has chosen one thing in her life she wants, no needs, to change before seventh grade begins in their new junior high. Taylor wants to change her name, a relic from an ancient relative revered by her father.

But when Taylor’s long-lost Aunt Julie appears out of the blue with her 15-year-old daughter, Tate, everything changes. Taylor suddenly has more missions and lots of questions. Who is this quirky Tate? Why did Aunt Julie really leave, and why has she returned? And why won’t her parents let her shape her own destiny?

With a little help from her grandfather, a key moral compass in her life, and his reminder to “treasure the trees,” Taylor finds some answers. Friendships and family ties are stretched, but connection and courage save the day for everyone. By the end of the summer, Taylor has discovered much more than a new cousin.

This first novel has won an Indie book award and applause from parents, teachers, and ‘tween’ readers. Readers follow Taylor and Carey through a summer of expanding family relationships, building self-confidence, and navigating the ups and downs of friendship.

Ann Anthony writes fiction and non-fiction and teaches college-level writing. She loves to help students of all ages become happy readers and writers.

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Embroidery and Sacred Text
New Designs in Judaic Needlework

By Rachel Braun

Embroidery and Sacred Text introduces new designs in Judaic and Biblical embroidery. Erudite and insightful commentary adds a spiritual dimension for appreciating the designs. Braun shares forty embroidery motifs for fellow needle artists, along with ten new embroidery alphabets in Hebrew and English. A chapter explaining the mathematical considerations in embroidery design provides clear, accessible explanations of how geometric and algebraic factors underlie embroidery patterns.

Rachel Braun’s sabbatical project yields a treasury of embroidery, combining the precision of a mathematical mind with the spiritual depth of a true artist. Her embroideries comment on Torah texts and the experience of the Israelites in the wilderness. Rachel’s embroideries walk us deeper into the texts, and her brilliant commentaries open up the “blackwork” that underlies her creative vision. For anyone curious about how art, mathematics, and Judaics can be gloriously woven together, this book is a delight.

—Rabbi Gilah Langner

Rachel Braun’s embroidery design fuses intellect and spirituality with the visual beauty and sensual pleasure of the fiber arts. … I particularly appreciate her remarkable use of mathematics in blackwork embroidery patterns to embody and express profound Jewish thought. What a pleasure to sink the hands and eyes into this elegant work!

—Debra Band, Kabbalat Shabbat: The Grand Unification

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The Butterfly Hours

Transforming Memories Into Memoir

By Patty Dann

The Butterfly Hours

Patty Dann is the author of three novels: Starfish, Mermaids, and Sweet & Crazy. She has also published two memoirs, The Goldfish Went on Vacation: A Memoir of Loss (and Learning to Tell the Truth about It) and The Baby Boat: A Memoir of Adoption. Her work has been translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Mermaids was made into a movie starring Cher, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci.

Her articles have appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Christian Science Monitor, O, the Oprah Magazine, the Oregon Quarterly; Redbook, More, ForbesWoman; Poets & Writers Magazine, Writer’s Handbook, Dirt: Quirks, Habits; and Passions of Keeping House, and This I Believe: On Motherhood.

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The Garden Lady

By Susan Dworkin

This is a novel about complicity.
Its rewards. Its dangers.

Maxie Dash married for wealth and security. To her astonishment, she also found romance and contentment. All her adoring husband asked was that she give him her unswerving love and loyalty and agree to know nothing – absolutely nothing – about his business.

Susan Dworkin wrote the New York Times best-seller, The Nazi Officer’s Wife, a story of love and terror in the Third Reich, with the woman who lived it, the late Edith Hahn Beer. Other books include Making Tootsie, the inside story of the great film comedy with Dustin Hoffman and Sydney Pollack; The Viking in the Wheat Field, about the eminent seed banker Dr. Bent Skovmand; Miss America 1945, Bess Myerson’s Own Story; Stolen Goods, a novel of love and larceny in the 80s, and The Commons, a novel about an agrarian revolt led by a pop star and set in the not too distant future. She was a long-time contributing editor to Ms. Magazine. Her plays have been performed in regional and off-Broadway theatres. She lives in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.

Susan Dworkin’s work has the ability to draw us into new dreams of justice, and to make them irresistibly practical, humorous and human.

—Gloria Steinem

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Standing at the Edge of the Pool

Life, Love, Loss and Never Learning to Swim

By Cathy Fiorello

Cathy Fiorello takes us back in time, telling her story in the framework of historic events. Her characters live valiantly in threatening times: the hardships of life in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, the shock of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the stress of the war that followed it, and the aftermath of 9/11,
which ushered in an America that would never again be the safe world she grew up in.

Along the way, we celebrate her successes as she reaches for a life beyond the boundaries for a woman of her time. We root for her as she defies the constraints of ageism, pulls up roots in her seventies, and jump starts her life in the laissez-faire culture of San Francisco. When we last meet Cathy, she is still asking, “What’s next?” This is a coming-of-age story for readers of all ages.

In her beautifully written memoir, Fiorello takes us on a journey deep into her past. Standing at the Edge of the Pool is a memoir with a big heart – and a savvy and irresistible narrator.

— Melissa Cistaro, Pieces of My Mother

Standing at the Edge of the Pool is stunning. Fiorello lets the reader into her world. We rejoice with her, we cry with her, we applaud her resolve to live the life she wants. Every woman hesitating to take a risk should read this memoir.

— Barbara Rose Brooker, The Viagra Diaries

I wanted to hug this book.

— Cheryl McKeon, Manager, Book Passage

Cathy Fiorello is the author of Al Capone Had a Lovely Mother, a memoir set in three cities. A New Yorker by birth, she had a mid-life fling in Paris, and now lives and writes in San Francisco.

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