In the Unlikeliest of Places

How Nachman Libeskind Survived the Nazis, Gulags, and Soviet Communism

By Annette Libeskind Berkovits, with a Foreword by Daniel Libeskind

Annette Libeskind Berkovits tells her father’s life story in this engaging memoir, reimagining the critical events of the twentieth century while exploring ideas of collective memory and the construction of family sagas.

Berkovits, Libeskind’s daughter and the author of this cinematically gripping debut biography, does a masterful job weaving together a coherent narrative, culled largely from tape recordings that her father left behind. She has a rare gift for storytelling…. Overall, the prose is lively and direct, and the story is deeply affecting…a moving tale that’s emotionally powerful and historically edifying.

—Kirkus Reviews

The Unlikeliest of Places is an incandescent biographical tribute to the author’s father, Nachman Libeskind, an eternally hopeful survivor. Berkovits relates her father’s story in elegant and shifting prose. Sections devoted to Nachman’s backstory read like a novel, but between them come peeks at the author’s life with her father. Her travels with Nachman, and her struggles to understand his quirks, are all imparted with affection. This dance between a father’s story and a daughter’s quest for insights and understanding is moving and lovely…. The book addresses the complications of maintaining one’s Judaism after the Holocaust with skill. Berkovits traces such challenges through her generation and the next, and this journey—a story within the story—warrants attention and reflection. … Those not already familiar with the Libeskinds by virtue of Nachman’s artistic catalog or because of the work of his son, Daniel, the famed architect, will find much here to celebrate. Though this is, inescapably, a Holocaust survivor’s biography, it is not dominated by those horrors; rather, it celebrates the ingenuity with which one man made his time less about enduring than about living vibrantly.

Foreword/Clarion Reviews, a Five Star review

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<!-- Swimming in the Rain -->

Swimming in the Rain

New and Selected Poems, 1980-2015

By Chana Bloch

Chana Bloch has spent her life writing the poems of a grown woman, loving the world as she interrogates it mercilessly, speaking a truth that hurts as it heals. “Half the stories / I used to believe are false,” she confesses. “Thank God / I’ve got the good sense at last / not to come in out of the rain.” A thrilling collection.

—Dorianne Laux


Chana Bloch is an absolutely essential poet, with a breathtaking gift for spanning, linking and leaping—unforgettable images, wonderments, and wisdom. Her words travel with me at the center of my compass. This collection is a triumph, not to be missed.

—Naomi Shihab Nye


Swimming in the Rain includes poems from The Secrets of the Tribe, The Past Keeps Changing, Mrs. Dumpty, and Blood Honey, as well as new work. Bloch is co-translator of the biblical Song of Songs and Israeli poets Yehuda Amichai and Dahlia Ravikovitch. Professor Emerita of English at Mills College, where she directed the Creative Writing Program, she served as the first Poetry Editor of

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<!-- Clear Lake -->

Clear Lake

By Nan Fink Gefen

Winner of 2013 IndieFab Gold Award for General Fiction

Rebecca Lev is a Chicago psychotherapist with a failing marriage and two troubled kids. When her father dies under questionable circumstances, she feels guilty for not better protecting him. She sets out to investigate . . . but she must first sort out her life and confront her own demons before she can discover the shocking truth of his death.

Clear Lake is the story of a woman in midlife as she wrestles with long-term grief, guilt, betrayal, and confusion on the way to finding peace within herself. Highly readable and inspiring.

Cornelia Nixon, Angels Go Naked and Jarrettsville

Written with insight and compassion, Clear Lake introduces us to a likable heroine struggling with conflicting obligations and guilt. We follow her story willingly because we, too, have had the experience of failing those we love and making the wrong choices at critical junctures. The prose is lucid and clear, like the lake of the title.

Brenda Webster, President, PEN West American Center

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<!-- Wild Nights - Emily Dickinson -->

gioseffi_image1 gioseffi_image2
Photo, believed by some scholars to be Emily Dickinson, age 30. Photo, Master William Smith Clark, Eminent Botanist of Amherst.

Wild Nights! Wild Nights!
The Story of Emily Dickinson’s “Master,” Neighbor and Friend and Bridegroom

By Daniela Gioseffi

The Greatest Mystery in American Literature solved at last

With a Non-Fiction Foreword that validates the biographical novel: Lover of Science and Scientist in Dark Days of the Republic

A page-turning tale of a bitter sweet love affair (1857-1865)…Gioseffi, a compelling storyteller, cleverly incorporates Dickinson’s poems, capturing the intellectual, cultural, and political ideas and voices of the nineteenth century, from the stern Calvinist voices of Mary Lyon and the Reverend Aron Colton to the domestic Irish lilt of Margaret Maher [Dickinson’ confidant and day servant.]…. Gioseffi helpfully advises Dickinson scholar’s to read her non-fiction essay [or foreword] first. The novel is alive with detail and heartfelt emotion…. Gioseffi introduces a Dickinson most readers have not met before….

—Barbara Kelly:Book Review Editor, The Emily Dickinson International Society Bulletin, Nov/Dec. 2010

Gioseffi’s work overflows with poetic vision.

—Nona Balakian, former staff reviewer, The New York Times

… A gifted writer…. A stunning essay [foreword] It should be a book….

—Galway Kinnell, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning poet

I like the way your foreword richly evokes Dickinson’s life and times.

—Robert Hass, former United States Poet Laureate

The essay [foreword] on Dickinson is fascinating and convincing….

—Alice Quinn, Director, Poetry Society of America

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<!-- How Old Am I in Dog Years? -->

How Old Am I in Dog Years?goldfein_image

And other thoughts about life from the far side of the hill

By Susan Goldfein

How Old Am I In Dog Years? is a joyous, snark-filled and completely relatable collection of essays that skewer the foibles of ordinary events.

With topics ranging from marital “bliss” to wearing stiletto heels at an age when one should know better, Susan Goldfein blends just the right amount of the absurd into her daily life to keep her readers laughing — and thinking. After all, where else can you find reality TV with a senior slant, or organic food shopping with a side of wry?

This sparkling collection will appeal to mothers and daughters alike, as well as the fathers and sons trying to figure out what the other side really thinks.

Funny and fabulous…..

—Jan Tuckwood, The Palm Beach Post
Casts the Golden Years as antic realism….

—Julie Gilbert, novelist, biographer

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<i>The Widows’ Handbook</i>

TheWidowsHandbookThe Widows’ Handbook:
Poetic Reflections on Grief and Survival

Edited by Jacqueline Lapidus and Lise Menn
Foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Widows’ Handbook is the first anthology of poems by contemporary widows. This stirring collection celebrates the strategies widows learn and the resources they muster to deal with people, living space, possessions, social life, and especially themselves, once shock has turned to the realization that nothing will ever be the same. As Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says in her Foreword, losing one’s partner is “a loss like no other.”

The Widows’ Handbook includes the work of 87 American women of all ages, legally married or not, straight and gay, whose partners or spouses have died. Some are already published widely—including more than a dozen prizewinners, five Pushcart nominees, and two regional poets laureate. Others are not as well known, and some appear in print for the first time here. Anyone who has lost a loved one or is involved in helping the bereaved will be able to relate to their experiences. But, while both men and women understand the bewilderment, solitude, and change of status thrust upon the widowed, women suffer a particular social demotion and isolation, shown here in all its variations. With courage and wry humor, these women write frankly about being paralyzed and about going forward. Their poems are honest, beautiful, and accessible.

When a partner dies, we begin a long journey down a path we’d rather not take, and we may imagine that life could never be bearable again. The poems in this Handbook offer much more than guidance or comfort. Their searing honesty and vivid depictions of resilience offer us invaluable reassurance that our grieving, however painful, will not destroy our capacity to live with meaning–and even joy.

–Judy Norsigian, Executive Director, Our Bodies, Ourselves

I wish this collection had been available when I was a new widow. What a spectacular group of women this is! Their reactions and experiences as widows are varied, but each woman brings her own special intelligence to mourning, managing alone, and making a new life. Poetry makes those experiences immediately, emotionally accessible.

–Jacqueline M.S. Winterkorn, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology in Neurology and Neuroscience. Weill Cornell Medical College; Attending Ophthalmologist, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

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<!-- Silent Sisters -->

Ulken_image Silent Sisters
Profiles of the Short Lives of Karen Carpenter, Patsy Cline, Cass Elliot, Ruby Elzy, Janis Joplin and Selena Quintanilla-Perez

By Ellen Hunter Ulken

With raging talent and heartfelt bonhomie, these twentieth-century American women sang their way to stardom. All died before the age of 36. Within separate chapters, one for each celebrity, the book reveals their triumphs and tragedies, the details of their final hours, and explores the notion that frantic, constant, touring schedules may have contributed to the anxieties and dramas surrounding their early deaths. Through these illustrated pages, the reader will become familiar with these outstanding singers and their music. Endnotes, bibliography and discography are given for each subject.

In 2005, Ellen wrote Beautiful Dreamer, The Life of Stephen Collins Foster.  Through Arcadia Publishing, in 2009, along with Rebecca Watts and Clarence Lyons, she contributed to a history with pictures and captions of Peachtree City, Georgia, where she lives with her companion, Jerry Watts, M.D. She and Jerry are members of “Music Alive!”–a local chorus, The Peachtree City Writer’s Circle, The Friends of the Peachtree City Library, The Peachtree City Garden Club, The Georgia Writer’s Association and four historical societies.

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<!-- Ever After -->

Ever After

By Dianalee Velie


Dianalee Velie is the Poet Laureate of Newbury New Hampshire where she lives and writes. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and has a Master of Arts in Writing from Manhattanville College, where she has served as faculty advisor of Inkwell: A Literary Magazine. She has taught poetry, memoir and short story writing at universities and colleges in New York, Connecticut and New Hampshire and in private workshops throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Her award-winning poetry and short stories have been published in hundreds of literary journals and many have been translated into Italian. She enjoys traveling to rural school systems in Vermont and New Hampshire teaching poetry for the Children’s Literacy Foundation. Her play, Mama Says, was directed by Daniel Quinn in a staged reading in New York City. She is the author of five books of poetry, Glass House, First Edition, The Many Roads to Paradise, The Alchemy of Desire, Ever After and a collection of short stories, Soul Proprietorship: Women in Search of Their Souls. She is a member of the Vermont Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, the New England Poetry Club and founder of the John Hay Poetry Society.

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