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My Two Mothers

A Collection of Poetry and Prose

By Christine McDonald

Life begins with our mother and ends with the return of our body to the mother earth. In My Two Mothers, Christine McDonald captures the essence of her life as she takes us on a tender, healing journey back to the love and acceptance that is our birthright.

To enhance the message in each chapter, the book is illustrated with a collection of colorful collages and personal photographs.

Christine McDonald writes so evocatively about her intimate connection with the natural world, that she is almost an extension of it.
—Ana Ramana, author of Girl on Fire and Hymns to the Beloved:Poems

Child Wild
Time to push, stretch
let myself go
to the wild side of me.
Stepping to the left and then the right
a rhythm finds it’s way
under my skin.
The eyes follow my toes to the floor
hunting for earth harmony.
The ankles bend and sway
and start a movement up my legs
to the booty of my spine.
Now there is no stopping
the flow of e-motion
of that wild animal in me.
The vibration of something
older than this body
comes alive.
Dancing to the rhythm of a primal heart
this child of the universe wakes up.
“Child Wild” she screams
from the depth of her toes to a cosmic sky.
Follow me
If you dare.


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