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Embroidery and Sacred Text
New Designs in Judaic Needlework

By Rachel Braun

Embroidery and Sacred Text introduces new designs in Judaic and Biblical embroidery. Erudite and insightful commentary adds a spiritual dimension for appreciating the designs. Braun shares forty embroidery motifs for fellow needle artists, along with ten new embroidery alphabets in Hebrew and English. A chapter explaining the mathematical considerations in embroidery design provides clear, accessible explanations of how geometric and algebraic factors underlie embroidery patterns.

Rachel Braun’s sabbatical project yields a treasury of embroidery, combining the precision of a mathematical mind with the spiritual depth of a true artist. Her embroideries comment on Torah texts and the experience of the Israelites in the wilderness. Rachel’s embroideries walk us deeper into the texts, and her brilliant commentaries open up the “blackwork” that underlies her creative vision. For anyone curious about how art, mathematics, and Judaics can be gloriously woven together, this book is a delight.

—Rabbi Gilah Langner

Rachel Braun’s embroidery design fuses intellect and spirituality with the visual beauty and sensual pleasure of the fiber arts. … I particularly appreciate her remarkable use of mathematics in blackwork embroidery patterns to embody and express profound Jewish thought. What a pleasure to sink the hands and eyes into this elegant work!

—Debra Band, Kabbalat Shabbat: The Grand Unification

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