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The Communist and the Communist’s Daughter: A Memoir

by Jane Lazarre

In these beautifully written pages, Lazarre invites readers to join her on a difficult journey through memory, history, family and self-discovery. This daughter’s story of her father yields insight into our own, never-ending quest for love, justice and understanding.

—Farah Jasmine Griffin,
Harlem Nocturne: Women Artists and Progressive Politics during World War II

Born in 1902 amid the pogroms of eastern Europe, Lazarre dedicated his life to working for economic equality, racial justice, workers’ rights, while raising his daughters as a single father. Weaving memory with documentary materials – such as his massive FBI file, his testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee – Lazarre tells her father’s fascinating history through periods of heroism and despair, as a Communist, a Jewish immigrant, a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War, a father, and grandfather. This is also the story of the daughter as she grew, married an African American civil rights activist, and became a mother and a writer.

Jane Lazarre is the author of the memoirs Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness: Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons; Wet Earth and Dreams: A Narrative of Grief and Recovery and The Mother Knot, all published by Duke University Press; and the novels, Inheritance, and Some Place Quite Unknown. She directed the undergraduate writing program at Eugene Lang College at the New School for many years, and taught creative writing and literature there as well as at the City College of New York and Yale University.

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