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Cypher Garden

By Mary Kay Rummel

Czeslaw Milosz said in his Ars Poetica that the purpose of poetry is to remind us how difficult it is to remain just one person, for our house is open, there are no keys in the doors, and invisible guests come in and out at will. Mary Kay welcomes these guests and they speak of the land, of animals and saints, of nuns and convents, of marriage, children and travels to Ireland, Scotland, France and so much more. No matter the subject, these poems are illuminations.

Stanley Kunitz said, “Mary Kay’s poems have and sustain an oracular voice,” and so they do, sometimes prophetic and always lustrous and generous to the reader’s psyche.

—Lois Jones, Night Ladder

In a voice both elemental and ancient, Mary Kay Rummel’s artful lines of Cypher Garden explore the discovery of self and others. These rich, dense poems meander among nature and faith, current events and travel, personal history and poetry, balancing between observation and invention. Wise and honest, brushed with bold colors, Rummel converses, in language saturated with vision… . A spectacular collection to read again and again. And again.

—KB Ballentine, The Perfume of Leaving

Mary Kay Rummel was the first Poet Laureate of Ventura County, CA. Cypher Garden is her eighth published poetry book, her seventh collection. The Lifeline Trembles was winner of the 2014 Blue Light Press Award. This Body She’s Entered, her first book, won the Minnesota Voices Award for poetry and was published by New Rivers Press. Love in the End was published as a finalist for the Bright Hill Press Award. A professor emerita from the University of Minnesota, she is a lecturer at California State University, Channel Islands.

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