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Notes on Serenity
An ABC of Addiction

By Merimée Moffitt

When my son let me know he was caught in addiction, almost ten years ago, I was devastated. The economic crash, loss of his company, injured back, pain pills, heroin, loss of his wife and kids, were classic. I took him in, he cleaned up, relapsed, cleaned up, relapsed and had to live elsewhere. The story is beyond painful and sad. He wasn’t getting the help he needed. I could feed him, but I was his mother, not doctor and counselor. As his kids suffered missing him, and help from me wasn’t helping, he drifted away, barely in touch. As a poet, my response was to write my grief and experience and to share the stories at readings and in publications. I sought to break the stigma and silence by speaking out. Eventually, I took a form I was teaching, the abcdarien, and used it to generate poems and stories. I learned truths about myself. I learned about the disease and my own part in my own recovery. I learned how to love myself and my son in spite of the illness that had such destructive power. I gathered and published the collection to share what I discovered about loving an addict, someone with substance use disorder. The book ends with a statement from him written for his own healing while in rehab. He allowed me to share it as an epilogue.

The poems and prose in this book created a current of images and feelings that caught me up and swept me along in an unexpected journey. Notes on Serenity: An ABC of Addiction by Merimée Moffitt, is a rich and lyrical collection that offers an authentic voice for those who struggle with addiction.

— Martha Meacham, Story Circle Network

Merimée lives in New Mexico where she writes and teaches writing in her community.

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