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Searching for Pilar

By Patricia Holmes

Pilar, an innocent young wife and mother, is abducted during a fake job interview in Mexico City. A cartel smuggles her and two younger girls to Houston, where their pimp forces them into sex slavery in the glitzy men’s clubs and a barrio cantina. Does she have the ability to survive the horrors of a world-–one many are unaware of or ignore—long enough for her brother, Diego, to find her and a younger girl she is determined to protect?

Searching for Pilar breaks open the secretive and dangerous world of sex trafficking while exploring human nature and our connections to one another. Diego’s guilt for his part in Pilar’s disappearance transforms him from a vain, rudderless youth into a man of purpose and courage. Neither the threats of the cartel nor being in a strange country and city deter him. While he searches, Pilar finds a strength that could save herself and a thirteen-year old girl kidnapped and imprisoned with her from drugs, disease, despair and death. Diego is helped by a young woman legal aid worker, a retired sheriff’s undercover deputy, criminal and immigration lawyers and a barrio priest. The themes of greed, family, love, faith and the law intertwine in this action-packed tale of the Bayou City. Reviewers have called this a “page turner.”

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