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When Shadows Linger

By Phyllis Babrove

Maggie Sinclair, a 31-year-old psychotherapist, becomes widowed when her husband Jason tragically dies in a car accident following a winter storm. With memories of the past preventing her from moving on, Maggie decides to leave her native Wisconsin and relocate to Vermont. It is there that she meets Dr. Ben Grayson, a psychologist with a practice in Maggie’s office building. As she finds herself falling in love with Ben, she continuously seeks approval from Jason so she can find happiness.

The reader accompanies Maggie on her emotional journey as Jason appears to her in various forms, such as a shadow, a soft touch on her face and finally in person. When Maggie visits Jason’s grave in Wisconsin, the reader shares her grief in a heart-wrenching scene in which she talks to Jason. As a therapist, Maggie is able to work through her grief while helping clients deal with their losses.

Maggie’s story is one of love, loss, and the resolution of grief; it is one that everyone can relate to at some point in life, whether the loss is due to death, divorce, abuse, or abandonment.

Phyllis Babrove is a semi-retired clinical social worker in Florida. She has written several articles for a social work magazine and a university newsletter. “My Joe: A Reflection,” is a short story that appears in the June 2017 issue of Edify Fiction Magazine.

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