“I just opened the new issue of Persimmon Tree (have read some of the
pieces–they are gorgeous and heartbreaking as well) and saw that the
Write Well Awards are noted. I just want to thank you again and everyone
at Persimmon Tree for both publishing my story “A Bad Day….” and for
submitting it for the Write Well Awards. I have been so encouraged that
I’m working hard on editing the other stories and at getting the final
story written.”
— Joan (Leibovitz) Newburger, Spring 2018

“Thank you for considering my work and for creating such an inspiring and enjoyable journal.”
— Lisa Saffron, a potential contributor to an upcoming issue

“It is a wonderful issue and I am so pleased to be in it.
I applaud all your efforts to produce such a quality publication.
Thanks again.”
— Josephine Hausam, one of our Winter 2018 issue poets

“Beautiful, brilliant issue! It’s a moveable feast. Many congrats!”
— Maurya Simon, our poetry editor in the Winter 2018 issue

“Thank you for a wonderful site; I can always find something on it that brings pleasure, tugs a bit, makes me think.”
— Judie Rae, December 2017

“Wish I’d been reading & following Persimmon Tree much sooner!”
— Marlene B Samuels, November 2017

“An essential, elegant, energetic voice so often ignored & unheard … BRAVA & THANKS for Persimmon Tree!”
— Ls Bassen, March 2017