Spring 2013

Persimmon Tree Heavy with Fruit

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Editor Sue Leonard
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Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan

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(Episode #122)


Spring Storms
Teddy Jones

Stick Figures
MJ Roberts

The Woman Next Door
Anne Batzer


Ed Is Dead
Ann St James

Desire Is the Best Crutch
Bell Gale Chevigny

Raw Hunger
B.L. Pike

North Wing
Elizabeth Zimmer


Gerda Lerner: For the Future of Women’s Past
Kathryn Kish Sklar


An Introduction to Wendy Barker’s Poetry
Alicia Ostriker

Eleven Poems
Wendy Barker


Behind the Mask
Susan Unterberg

Stealing Attention
Ellen K. Levy

Short Takes

Guilty Pleasures
Grace Babakhanian, Mary A. Berger, Rochelle Distelheim