Winter 2016

'Tis the Season to Be ... Juicy

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Baking for Love
Vesna Main

Quiet Girls, 1960
Ann Tracy

Shrub It
Linda Garman Weimer

This Ain’t Nothin’
Lorraine Jeffery


Of Christmas and Karma
Shizue Seigel

In Our Mother’s Closet
Gail Arnoff

The First Steps
Emily Newberry


Poems from the East Coast States
Charlotte Mandel, Guest Judge
Kathleen Corcoran, Darcy Cummings, Susan Deer Cloud, Laurel Ferejohn, Penny Harter, Adele Kenny, Claire Keyes, Charlotte Mandel, Susanna Rich, Helen Ruggieri, Marianne Schloss, Carole Stone, Davi Walders


The Dancers
E.M. Broner


Poetry in Painting
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Short Takes

Adina Sara, Linda Silver, Elaine Terranova, Elizabeth Van Zandt. Introduction by Jean Zorn.